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About Sláinte

Sláinte, a Tacoma-based Irish band, began performing in the summer of 1995. The nexus of the band coalesced from participants in a bluegrass and Irish jam session at the University of Puget Sound. The band’s original name, “Puget Sounds,” reflected those origins; however, the band later changed its name to Sláinte to emphasize its focus on traditional Irish music. The word Sláinte, Gaelic for “cheers” or “good health,” signifies the band’s desire to play enjoyable, danceable, and spirited music for people of all ages. The band itself is composed of players whose ages span thirty years and whose love for the music transcends generational barriers.

Sláinte’s performances are filled with the dance music of Ireland, including reels, jigs and slip jigs, polkas, slides, airs, and waltzes. The band’s fine singers also lend their voices to traditional and contemporary songs in the Irish idiom. Sláinte has performed at Bumbershoot, Wintergrass, Northwest Folklife Festival, the St. Patrick’s Day Dash, the Rob Roy Highland Ball, and at many civic events. Weddings and private parties also are staples of this working band’s performing life. Sláinte has performed with the Bellevue Chamber Chorus and will be performing with the Tacoma Youth Chorus in June, collaborations which promise to be exciting amalgams of classical and traditional music.


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